The property "Herdade Corte Velada" came about after a merger of the properties "Corte Barriga" and "Corte Velada". It covers 271 hectares in the north of Lagos County, close to the village Odeáxere.

The landscape in the area is typically rural for this district in Algarve.

Until the end of the 70's the land was cultured in a traditional agroforestry way - with the cork tree, the Strawberry tree "me¬dronheiro", cereals and the rainfed agriculture. But after that, with the support of forest funds ("Fundo de Fomento Flores¬tal"), the herdade changed from an agroforestry sys¬tem to only forestry, with cork trees, pine trees and eucalyptus trees. In 2003 the property was completely devastated with fires ravaging from the north.

Throughout the last decade, we have achieved several goals for the ecological restoration of the area. Dams have been created and improved. They help securing water lines and ponds that attract a diverse fauna and flora.

In 2009, the remaining spots of eu¬calyptus were replaced with the medronheiro and cork, oak trees, and five new lakes. The lakes have become a win-win measure, as they both are strategic to the fo¬rest's fire prevention and as they add beauty and ecological diversity to a former arid and ecologically poor territory. Moreover, as water storages they do not affect the downstream water supply.

Recently, four new lakes have been created to support the resear¬ch and development activities of the project. In 2014 the recovery process of the natural waterlines began with the reintroduction of several ri¬parian species.

The landscape have beautiful features that invite for tourist activities. The nature and the restored native flora and forests and the research and development projects, makes Corte Velada a very special place.

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